The Palisades Wilderness Study Area (WSA)

Where is it and why do so many people care?

The Palisades WSA is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming, and is only one half of a quarter million acre landscape known as the Greater Palisades. The other half is the Palisades Recommended Wilderness, and is located in southeast Idaho. The Greater Palisades describes the entire roadless and wild landscape that encompasses the Snake River Range. Within this landscape there are many different players involved including two national forests (Bridger-Teton National Forest and Caribou-Targhee National Forest), two states (Wyoming and Idaho), four counties (Bonneville County, ID; Teton County, ID; Teton County, WY; Lincoln County, WY), countless recreation and sportsman user groups, while also being of particular interest to conservationists for its ecological significance and wildness. The Palisades WSA was designated in 1984 "as to maintain it's presently existing Wilderness character and potential for future inclusion in the Wilderness Preservation System", and has been managed in this way for the last 36 years.